Niceto Lopez, MD

Originally from Colombia, South America, Niceto Lopez, MD, is board-certified in Internal Medicine and specializes in treating patients in the acute care setting. Dr. Lopez is the Director of Post-Acute Medical Care, he always provides the highest quality care for his patients his passion for geriatric care shines through in his expertise and commitment to excellence.

Dr. Lopez graduated Magna Cum Laude from Universidad Technologica de Pereira in Columbia. He then went on to an internship at Yale University. Dr Lopez served as the Director of Medical Operations at the Encino Cardiovascular Institute.

Dr. Lopez assisted in the humanitarian Emergency Assistance during the 1999 Columbia earthquake.

Dr. Lopez is also an accomplished researcher and has conducted research at UCLA-Endocrinology and Cardiovascular Division and UCSF – Cardiac Electrophysiology Division. He has maintained a professional affiliation with the American College of Physicians as an esteemed member.

Dr. Lopez spends his free time enjoying exercise and nature. He enjoys trail running in the Santa Monica Mountains. HE also enjoys going to live concerts and spending time with Family.