The Platinum Medical Group believes that close communication and collaboration with our primary care providers, consultants and surgeons is a cornerstone in providing the highest quality patient care. Our hospitalists and SNFists are committed to that principle.

For our primary care providers we can provide the following:

● Be on call 24/7, with overnight issues cared for by a Platinum hospitalist.

● Notify that their patient has been admitted, the reason for admission and initial plan of care.

● Honor subspecialist/consultant preferences.

● Offer tailored communication (secure text/phone/secure email) and email or fax discharge summaries.

● Provide one mobile phone number to text or call 24/7 with admissions and/or questions.

● Secure the same individual hospitalist on all their patients, enhancing coordination and quality of care.

● Provide notification of discharge, discharge med list, and coordinate with the office to ensure a post hospitalization visit.

● Coordinate care with Home Health and Home Care agencies to provide excellent patient care while at home.

● Assure continuity of care in the post acute setting, provide patient progress updates, and ensure appropriate care transitions.

For our surgeons and proceduralists we offer these additional services:

● Assist with arranging preoperative medical clearance, appropriate risk stratification.

● Co-manage surgical patients in the hospital, with extensive experience and knowledge base with respect to inpatient perioperative and postoperative care.

● Coordinate care with consultants and specialists.

● Assist with discharge planning, medications and discharge summaries.

● Assume primary attending care in the hospital, absorbing nursing/administrative calls.

● Provide continuity of care in the post acute setting, acute rehab, skilled nursing facilities.